Creating vibrant futures through craftsmanship
inspired by the past.

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UH BEAUTIFUL MES is a design studio run by Floridian lettering artist Morgan Elyce Summers.

Inspired by the style and precision of classic sign painting with a modern twist, Morgan brings show-stopping custom lettering to businesses, public spaces, and private owners ready to kick things up a notch.


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Humans have painted on walls to communicate since the dawn of recorded history. While our “cave art” is much more polished these days, how your space looks still tells a story- and makes a memorable first impression. Let’s make something beautiful to rock the socks off of all your visitors and potential customers!

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Whether communicating that you are open for business or reminding eager kiddos to wipe their feet at the door- signage is an opportunity to wow your guests where they least expect it.


These surprise moments of joy can keep people hooked on your space for the long haul. So when every touchpoint counts, invest in timeless craftsmanship and breathtakingly beautiful signage.



You pour love into every corner of growing your business, and your brand deserves that same level of care and attention. Every brand we create is custom-tailored to fit its company and stand out from the competition. But you don’t have to take our word for it; just ask these guys.



I give Morgan 5 out of 5 stars!

"She has a way of taking what’s in your brain and transferring it into an absolutely badass piece of art. Her attention to detail is second to none, and her professionalism shines through in every aspect of her work. These high standards made all the difference in our experience working with her and the final outcome. The designs she creates leave you with the perfect representation of what you had in mind- plus thoughtful details you didn’t even know you needed.”

Mari Milenkovic  //  Marketing Coordinator, University of Central Florida WHPS

One wall. One artist. Fifty murals celebrating Small Towns from sea to shinin' sea.

Outside of client work, Morgan has a passion for learning about and promoting weird & wonderful small towns across the US of A. As a commitment to making public art more approachable for these charming locales, Morgan is painting a series of Small Town Walls celebrating one small town in each of the fifty states. Needless to say, it is a labor of love- and an absolute blast.


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