FLLuxe Arts Festival is more than your typical arts event or program!

Designed by Bay Arts Alliance to combine a street art festival, light projection installation, and local music showcase all into one event- FLLuxe is all about community and collaboration between different artistic disciplines.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year's event was focused on temporary chalk art installations- and I was more than happy to contribute my *first* chalk art installation to the sidewalk for the day. I also designed a photo backdrop for the festival that the talented folks at Bay Arts painted in the time crunch before the event. I can't wait to revisit this line of work come FLLuxe 2022!


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We are already looking forward to working with her again!

"Admiring her work online, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Morgan Summers on hand lettering for our FLLUXE Arts Festival. Her use of vibrant colors and a strong grasp of design did not disappoint! Her contributions  added an extra level of quality to the branding of our festival.”

Jayson Kretzer  //  Bay Arts Alliance Executive Director

Photo Mar 27, 7 45 40 PM.jpg

Hand Lettering is a versatile tool that instantly makes any phrase more remarkable.

In this particular case, the photo backdrop and my chalk art piece created buzz around the phrases "Florida Luxe" and "Meet Me Downtown", a hashtag that regularly updates locals on the revitalization of this part of Panama City. Just by giving a bold visual to the words, they better stick out in the memory of passers-by.

Is there a phrase you want people to immediately associate with your business? Are there products or designs centered around words you really want people to remember? Hand Lettering is a stellar vehicle for this- so let's get started on your project, together.

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