UH BEAUTIFUL MES is the studio of Morgan Elyce Summers, a letter-lovin’ artist and designer based in sunny North Florida.


In actuality, this career came as a pleasant surprise to her after a long, winding road of trying on several different, unrelated hats. From Morgan's varied experiences as an engineering student, nerd/craft beer bar server, dance teacher, and ad agency designer- she has earned a unique mix of problem-solving skills, customer care abilities, and creative chops that could not have been acquired on any “normal” path more often taken. 


After five years in the marketing industry and seven years of self-directed lettering experience, Morgan took the leap and began drawing letters for a living full-time. This kinesthetic bend to her process has led to fulfilling projects with clients like the Bay Arts Alliance, The Lovely Project, UCF Downtown, Modern Orthodontics of Clermont, and- viewers like you!

Milton 03.jpg

Morgan spent her early years editing her handwriting and painting any surface she could get her grubby kid hands on. It should be no wonder then, that Morgan ended up here as a muralist focused on hand-crafted lettering… right?

These days, Morgan splits her time between client-directed work, creating content, and working on her passion project Small Town Walls. As a believer that life is (and should be!) “A Beautiful Mess”, you could say she likes to get her hands dirty in a *lot* of different creative pursuits. If she’s not on the clock slinging paint, you might find Morgan nerding out about vintage type samples, jamming on her 60-year-old guitar, dancing like a lunatic in the good ol’ garage studio, or- cuddling her sweet dumpster cats Goose & Salem.

Howdy ya'll!

Morgan here- I just wanted to personally say thank you for taking the time to check out my website!


I work as a lettering artist not only because I sincerely love this process, but more importantly, I’ve experienced firsthand the positive impact beautiful messaging can make in both the public and private sectors. Words have immense power- and the way you say them can be just as impactful as what you have to say.


I aim to be of service to people and businesses who appreciate what I love and that are doing real good in the world. If that’s you, I would be delighted to hear about what you do, how I can help, and for us to create something beautiful, together.

Like what you're seein'?

Then you’re going to *love* the actual artwork.